Hotel Guest Internet Services

Fully Managed Guest WiFi Without The Hassle!

ODV Networks offers hassle-free guest WiFi for hotels, resorts, casinos and more. Our high speed internet services allow your guests to browse the internet, shop online, access online gaming via Xbox or PS, and more! We monitor and manage all our networks for optimum performance, allowing you to focus on your business with one less thing to worry about. In an ever-evolving digital world, guest WiFi is a must have for customer satisfaction and retention.

Unlike others, ODV Networks won’t lock you with a commitment plan. With technology changing so fast, why commit? By offering a no-hassle policy, our unique network design, monitoring, management and service speaks for itself. Let’s see how ODV Networks wireless service stacks up to others:

ODV Networks

Free WiFi Equipment & Install
Hassle-Free No-Commitment Plan
WiFi in Every Room
Free Equipment Upgrades for Life
Cloud Management
Live Network Monitoring
Lifetime Warranty
Dedicated Qualified Engineers

Other Companies

Almost always charges for equipment & install
Almost always requires commitment contracts
Almost always does not offer WiFi in every room
Almost always charges for upgrades
Usually does not offer Cloud Management
Almost always lack Live Network Monitoring
Limited or no warranty
Usually have limited experienced technicians

Improve your Customer Satisfaction with High Speed Guest Internet Services

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